10 Unique Gifts For Her

Rotating Makeup Organizer

Because her ever-growing cosmetics collection deserves a spot to be shown off—and totally organized, too. Check out more colours and designs at unbelievably low prices on our website!


Classy handmade stone Neckpiece

Go above and beyond your standard jewellery gift by getting a necklace that she can wear every day. You can't go wrong with jewellery, especially a stunning classic necklace like this one. She can pair it with her any modern or traditional attire. Plus, she'll always think of you when she wears it.


Handmade soaps

Show her how much you care for her by giving her any of these various hand-made, scented soaps. Soft scents, of the real flowers and fruits, in these soaps, will calm her mind after a tiring day. She will love them!


Wrist Watch

Now's the time to show her how you really feel. A scalloped timepiece of her favourite colour with an elegant bracelet to double up her happiness will do the trick. You can shop this product on our website at a discounted price.


Bath & Body

Who doesn't love a good bath, especially when they're this stunning? Get Bath and Body Shower Gel, Body lotion and best-reviewed mists from our online shop at discounted prices!


Face Masks

She'll love this self-care treat, complete with natural rose and berry rejuvenating and soothing face clay masks to help her relax at the end of a long day. If you have a lazy girl, then we also have an option of 24K pure gold hydra mask with 10 face sheets inside.


Mini Beauty Refrigerator

She can keep her face masks and other skincare treats in this mini fridge designed especially for beauty products.  The best part is that it isn’t as expensive as you think it is.


Essential Oil Diffuser

Pair this stylish diffuser (which also works as a night light!) with her favourite essential oil scents, and you've got a winning gift for her! One X-tra factor of this Oil Diffuser is that comes with remote control for less than RM50! Check it out here ->


Aromatherapy candles

Worried about your significant other that they spend too much time working and are stressed almost every-day and have no time to take care of themselves? Aromatherapy is the best way to show how much you care for them.


Enamel Heart or other delicate design Pendant

When in doubt, gifting something shiny is always a good bet. These sparkling pendants are the perfect accent for a romantic dinner. The shiny stone adds some grown-up edge to these pretty heart and bee pendants. For more options check more from our jewellery selection at discounted prices.




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