Setting up your new kitchen? In case you forgot, here's 10 must-haves for your kitchen unless it would be considered incomplete. This is just the basic kitchenware for you to have and there's more to buy. And you could consider buying at loveetha.com/product-category/kitchen for your kitchen as we offer a variety of products at an affordable price!


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A first on our list and the most essential and basic item. A Chef’s knife would cover basically anything you would need to cut. It is a multi-purpose masterpiece! Available affordably, Tefal Comfort Chef Knife is a decent quality option for those who want a decent quality blade. Here’s a link for you to have a look at now, at a discounted price. https://loveetha.com/product/tefal-comfort-chef-knife-15cm-with-cover/



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The cutting board is perhaps the most essential tool in your kitchen for meal prep. While glass or stone cutting boards can be pretty, wood or plastic is your best bet. If you’re into pretty marble boards that gives a posh look when sitting on the kitchen counter, you can always have one. But honestly, it’s more for show. According to the experts, plastic and wood are best as stone and glass boards are prone to shattering and will dull your knives quicker, so we wouldn't recommend doing heavy-duty chopping on glass or stone. Hence, we have chosen the most suitable product for you. https://loveetha.com/product/wooden-bamboo-chopping-board-cutting-board-with-silicon-handle-kitchen-tool-antibacterial-eco-friendly/. This chopping board not only looks sleek but it also is healthy and durable. The material is hard and won't wear out and get grooves.




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When most people think of non-stick pans, their thoughts are not usually positive.  And for those afraid of chemicals, we’re here to tell you that most non-stick pans no longer contain Polytetrafluoroethylene (PFOA), better known as Teflon. However, Teflon has been PFOA-free since 2013, which means that most of today’s non-stick cookware is completely safe for normal home cooking, as long as temperatures do not exceed 570°F (300°C). We still think that having a non-stick pan would be good if you do a lot of egg cookery. So whether you’re making pancakes for the kids or whipping up a weeknight dinner, we found a pan for you here. https://loveetha.com/product/34cm-diamond-high-quality-non-stick-cooking-pot-wok-frying-pan/

Or if you need a whole set of non-stick pans, we have just one here for you at a price you will love! https://loveetha.com/product/kitchen-6-ware-set-non-stick-cooking-frying-pan-cookware/



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In addition to your one non-stick pan, you’ll want to get a cast iron pan/pot. Cast iron is an inexpensive way to get a pan that really conducts the heat really well, so it's really good if you want to cook a steak or get a nice kind of sear on a chicken breast or on other food. If you're trying to caramelise the surface of something, which really develops flavour in something like a piece of red meat or poultry, a cast-iron pan is the BEST (sort of) go-to thing.

They're a little more work, but they last forever. And that work is a process called “seasoning your pan”, which means that you need to add a lubricant, so your food doesn’t stick to it. You can research more on how to clean your cast-iron cookware and always heat them up to evaporate any surface moisture after cleaning and before oiling. https://loveetha.com/product/cast-iron-skillet-pan-chemical-free-durable-fry-pan/




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For making smoothies, soups and purées, a blender is a must. When choosing a blender, it’s worth saving up and shelling out a bit more for something of higher quality. Because the cheaper you go on blenders and food processors, honestly, you only get what you pay for. If you try to get it on a budget you might be buying [a new] one sooner than you think. Here we have Panasonic 1L blender at a much cheaper price. Click on the product picture to check it out yourself to believe! https://loveetha.com/product/philips-hr2056-blender-350w-stainless-steel-blade-1l-jar-mill/




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We need it every time we cook! And since plastic can melt and metal will heat up, it’s best using a wooden spoon when stirring something over a hot stove. In this set, the wooden spoon with one flat side, makes it easier to scrape the bottom of your pan or bowl. View the product here, by clicking on the picture, and you can buy it right now at a great discount. https://loveetha.com/product/4pcs-set-wood-shovel-non-stick-special-spatula-wooden-wood-spatula-shovel-rice-spoon-wood-soup-spoon-wooden-spoon/



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Those who cook, we know the importance of vegetable peelers. And for a better and easier grip, we prefer the Y-shaped peelers to the more traditional straight ones, as it features a sharp, stainless steel blade that glides through even the toughest fruit and vegetable skins with ease. The soft, comfortable handle cushions your hand as you peel, and is non-slip, even when your hands are wet. Check it out here. https://loveetha.com/product/1pc-stainless-steel-julienne-peeler-vegetable-peeler-double-planing-grater/



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Vacuum food sealer is a MUST in our kitchen. Most of us don’t even know these exist. It preserves your food by preventing the growth of mould or bacteria that spoil food. And by removing oxygen mould and bacteria can’t grow. Sealing your food with this vacuum food sealer provides food with an oxygen-less environment that keeps the freshness in your food for an extended period of time, allowing you to enjoy food that tastes fresh long after you’ve stored it. It’s this vacuum process that holds in the natural moisture and flavour of the food and you’ll notice the difference in taste. You can view it here. https://loveetha.com/product/vacuum-food-sealer-cover-kitchen-cooking-keeping-sealed-fresh-cover-lids-food-storage/



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It's difficult to eat healthy while making time for work, leisure, and rest. Eating out a few nights a week gets expensive very fast. This little angel will put those worries behind. As the old saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for. This cooker will possibly save you a lot of money throughout the year with quick, healthy, inexpensive dinners that you can make at home on a single pot. If you're single or even working person, this is the answer to all of your cooking woes. https://loveetha.com/product/multifunction-2-in-1-electric-steamboat-fry-steaming-cooker-red-wine/



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Living in a multi-cultural country, having chopsticks at our homes now is an essential item. It is a lot easier and fun to eat noodles with chopsticks rather than with forks. For those who like to try new thing and like using chopsticks for a change, and of course, those who use chopsticks every day, we have just the product for you. Made from food-safe fibre-glass, these chopsticks are dishwasher safe and can handle heat up to 356 degrees, so you can even use them to retrieve food from hot oil! They won’t bend, melt, or splinter, and they’ll last longer than wooden implements. The black colour and silver decorative writing on these chopsticks also gives them a sleek, chic look.

Though they are dishwasher safe, make sure they are securely placed in your utensil basket to prevent them from getting damaged by your dishwasher nozzles. The chopsticks come in a set of five pairs available here https://loveetha.com/product/5-pairs-chinese-chopsticks-set-high-temperature-resistant-fiber-glass-chop-sticks/

at a pretty affordable price. We have chosen these chopsticks for you as they are made of natural materials and have a high safety level compared to the ones that use synthetic materials and the design gives off an exotic vibe while maintaining elegance and simplicity which is a rare combination to come by. Even if you live alone, it is always convenient to have extra pairs of chopsticks in the kitchen drawer just in case friends or family members come over. Since you are getting this set within your budget, it is also an economical choice when compared to other ones.



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