Eco-friendly Bamboo Jar Oil Tall



Eco-friendly Bamboo Jar Oil Tall


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Perfect design: Our olive oil dispenser is equipped with silicone cover and bamboo lid. The oil pot has a milliliter scale that allows you to control the amount of olive oil or vinegar used in cooking. We also have a dust-proof silicone cap and a collision-proof silicone base. Let you use it in the kitchen, safe and secure.
Material description: Use heat-resistant borosilicate glass, can withstand the instantaneous temperature difference of -20 to 150 degrees Celsius. Dishwasher safe and break at high temperatures.
Safety: Glass is highly transparent and lead-free. Food-grade sealed silicone, safe
In use: Sturdy handle, very durable. It also has a drip-proof eagles, which will not drop the sprinkler after pouring oil. There will be a dust cap on the nozzle to prevent dust from entering the oil tank. The bottom is a crash-proof silicone base, so you don't have to worry about hitting a hard table.
Application: It can be used for cooking olive oil, vinegar, soy sauce and other condiments.

Material: high borosilicate glass + bamboo + silicone
Capacity: 700ml, 1000ml
Size: 700ml-21cm height, 1000ml-23.5cm height


1 x Oil Dispenser

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